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Cinema Quality, with the Comfort of Home


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Why a Home Theater?

If you’ve ever been to a quality cinema, this question answers itself. A true theater experience allows the viewer to be completely immersed in the content on screen to the point where the outside world quietly dissolves away.

A comfortable yet dimly lit space that effectively blocks out ambient noise and light, while offering THX level accuracy in sonic reproduction: clear voices, crisp highs and clean, satisfying lows, a large, high resolution, precisely calibrated screen and comfortable seating – all come together to give you a short break from reality into the fascinating world of the movie director’s creative mind. Now, take that one step further and bring that experience home. This is where Innovation Technologies come in.

To get the complete theater experience in the comfort of your home, give us a call today.

Creating a Home Theater

Home theater set ups were originally designed to provide an experience that is similar to a movie theater, but now it’s completely possible to create a home theater that far exceeds even the best movie theaters in terms of picture and sound quality. Achieving this isn’t just about investing in high quality equipment. The design and installation are also incredibly important.

The process of creating a home theater with this level of quality seems intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be difficult or monumentally expensive. Here at Innovation Technologies, we have the professional experience to configure a system for any budget. Our skilled technicians can determine the most effective way to integrate your existing components into a new system, bringing out the best of the equipment you already own. We also offer comprehensive financing options and, of course, it’s wise to consider the value you can add to your home with the right theater.

Client Testimonials

I found these guys through service magic. Called just to get a quote and the tech I believe Terrance actually came out the same day. He was professional and knew exactly what we wanted when we asked for a TV installation and speakers wired through our whole house and connected to a single box in the living room. He finished up in a couple days and there's not a wire showing and the system looks/sounds great. I'm completely satisfied. Thank you Innovation Technologies =)


5 star rating

testimonial from Amanda

I hired them over the phone to come and do a home theater istallation. We did our research quite thoroughly and based on previous workmen stopping by, we elected to go with Moon and his team because they offered the simplest...

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5 star rating

Eliza R.

Vacaville, United States

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Enjoy Professional Home Theater Installation

When you place your trust in us, you’ll access the ultimate in professional home theater installation San Diego. We know which equipment offers the most benefits, as well as the most impressive looks, and we combine components expertly, with a mind to providing the highest level of style and performance.

  • Soundproofing
  • Security Systems
  • Types of Chairs
  • Seating Arrangements
  • Screen Location
  • Screen Size
  • Programmable or Blackout Shades
  • Speakers


san diego home theater speaker configuration

Only the best


We only carry the best home theater brands and each system comes with warranties from the manufacturer. This ensures that your new home theater system will be covered in case anything should happen to it.

Some of the brands we offer include:


Home Theater Design

Home Theater Design San Diego

Our professional design team will approach the design of your home theater from two different angles, each equally important – the aesthetic appearance of your home theater, and the arrangement of audio visual components for maximum performance.

Professional Acoustic Design

When it comes to sound, acoustics are everything. Even expensive speakers can sound muddy and washed out when they aren’t positioned in the right arrangement, with the size and shape of the room in mind. Our THX Certified professional audio technicians know exactly how to maximize the potential of any sound system on any budget.


San Diego Home theater acoustic design & installation

System Design

There is an absolutely vast amount of audio visual equipment available out there in every price range. Scouring the market for the right equipment is a challenge in itself. Our professional team of consultants will sit down to discuss your needs and your budget with you, and then we’ll draw upon the expertise of our technical staff...


San Diego Home Theater System Design & installation

Visual Design

Innovation Technologies has a team of design specialists that create home theaters that will work in any style of home. That means we can craft décor that will work with your existing interior design, and build the home theater in the space that you have available. We can take into account existing architectural features when designing your home theater, and of course we’ll attractively hide all cables and wiring.


San Diego Home Theater Visual Design & installation

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Our professional team also has years of expertise in the following areas:

Atmospheric Mood Lighting

Sound proofing


Automatic black-out shades

Home Theater Installation

Home Theater Installation San Diego

Once our team have guided you through the design process, it’s time to begin the installation. Our uniformed installation professionals collectively have decades of experience in the industry, and we’ve performed hundreds of successful installations. Our goal is to complete the installation as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption and inconvenience to you, while still ensuring we complete the job to the highest professional standards.

If you’re considering a home theater installation in San Diego, or integrating your existing components into a new system, get in touch with us today.


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