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Whole Home Audio Solutions

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When audio reproduction was in its infancy, those lucky enough to own audio equipment would have “music rooms” – a single room in a home dedicated to music. Now, thankfully, those days are over, and music is everywhere. However, while most people have a source of audio in their bedroom, their living room and their kitchen, they usually don’t have the same quality of sound and the same source of music.

Whole home audio completely changes that. You can listen to your favorite music with crystal clear audio quality, no matter where you are in your home. You’ll never have to listen to a tiny speaker in your kitchen, or put up with a poor quality radio in the shower, or listen to a 2nd rate system in the bedroom ever again. The same high quality music can be a backdrop for every activity, whether you’re washing dishes, relaxing in bed, cleaning your home or hosting a party. All you have to do is turn on your favorite album and it can be heard in every corner of your home, or just the corners you choose, whichever is most appropriate for the situation you are in.


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I found these guys through service magic. Called just to get a quote and the tech I believe Terrance actually came out the same day. He was professional and knew exactly what we wanted when we asked for a TV installation and speakers wired through our whole house and connected to a single box in the living room. He finished up in a couple days and there's not a wire showing and the system looks/sounds great. I'm completely satisfied. Thank you Innovation Technologies =)


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testimonial from Amanda

I hired them over the phone to come and do a home theater istallation. We did our research quite thoroughly and based on previous workmen stopping by, we elected to go with Moon and his team because they offered the simplest...

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5 star rating

Eliza R.

Vacaville, United States

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Whole Home Audio San Diego

Here at Innovation Technologies, we specialize in whole home audio. If you choose to have a whole home audio system installed by us, the first step is a full consultation with one of our audio specialists. We’ll determine exactly which type of system will suit you, your home and your budget best. We have access to the very best whole home audio systems on the market, from basic starter systems to top-of-the line, high fidelity audio equipment. Once we’ve determined the right equipment for you, we’ll then put together an installation plan and timescale so that we can minimize disruption to your home and your life throughout the installation process.

Then it’s time to install the system in your home. All of our installation engineers are THX Certified, which gives them an incredible expertise in acoustics. That means that you can be sure that you will get the very best possible audio quality out of your equipment, whether it’s top of the line or more modest. No matter which type of room we’re installing equipment in, we’ll make sure the technology is perfectly calibrated for the acoustics. We can even install special speakers in bathrooms and indoor swimming pools that take into account the unique acoustics of those type of rooms.


Top whole home audio

We can also offer:

  • Multi-building systems that connect your music to your pool house or guest cottage
  • Full home automation
  • Universal remote control including off-site control
  • Music that seamlessly follows you from room to room
  • Integration with existing/legacy audio equipment
  • Media server integration

And many more similar services. Get in touch with Innovation Technologies today and book a quick consultation to discover how we can help you create the whole home audio system of your dreams, no matter which type of home you live in.


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